What all prospective students should know

At Nexus Worldwide we encourage you to compare Accelerated/Bootcamp Training providers. We stand apart by customer service, value and unsurpassed high quality Information Technology Education.

Your training tuition is an investment in your future. It is important to know and ask the following when shopping for your accelerated "certification" training provider.

Instructor Experience
Question the background of the professed industry leading training providers and their instructors.

Prior to teaching, what was their instructors' industry experience, for how many years? How long have they been teaching? How many "Bootcamp" style sessions have they taught? What are their accomplishments? Have they contributed their knowledge to periodicals, are they published authors? Do they currently provide Enterprise level consulting? Enterprise level consulting is 1000 or more nodes on a network.


The Guarantee
Since 1997, Nexus has been a leader in accelerated training. Before the term "Bootcamp" became popular, Nexus was pioneering accelerated training. Because of our experience in the field of accelerated Information training, we think the Nexus Bootcamps are the BEST in the industry, and student testimonials validate our claim.

If, FOR ANY REASON, you are not 100% satisfied with Nexus, as your choice for accelerated training, you may withdraw on the first day for a full refund, minus the cost of hotel and meals. To utilize this guarantee, simply return all course materials to your instructor by the end of the first day.

Refresher Training
Students may return for a period of up to one year from their original course completion for a refresher. Returning students are responsible for all travel related expenses, hotel and meals.

"There are more than 16 million lines of code in Windows 2000, and I think we covered each one" Lyle Paciorek, May, 2003


Test Simulations
The primary focus of any training provider should not be based on the selling aspect of computer-based training and test simulation. Utilization of these tools is nothing more than an instructor crutch, and in the end, cheats the student out of a real education.

CBT test simulation applications are inexpensive and cost training providers substantially less than if bought on the open market by an individual. Our corporate purchase price for one of the top exam simulations is $21 per seat. Do not be fooled by this supposedly "good deal". One other thing to keep in mind, what are the CBT exams worth once you have "earned" your certification.

Established Training Provider
Many think that Information Technology training is the latest snake oil to be found. Like moths to flame, training providers are popping up across the country. Don't get burned!

  1. How long has your potential training provider been in business?
    Nexus instructors have been providing Bootcamp Training since 1997
  2. How many students have they trained?
    Since 1997, Nexus has helped our students earn more than 15,000 certifications
  3. Can they provide current testimonials & student references?
    Nexus will provide prospective students will contact information for several of our former students upon request. You may also check out some testimonials available online.
  4. Does the Bootcamp provider have proprietary courseware that is re-enforced through lecture, labs and for example, knowledge base articles, that teach the students the core technologies and fundamentals of the course in which they attend?
    Nexus training manuals were written by published IT authors and a former Microsoft Exam writer.
  5. What is the instructor to student ratio?
    At Nexus, our student to instructor ratio is 12:1.
  6. Are the training providers using dependable state-of-the-art equipment?
    At Nexus there is a 1:1 ratio of students to computers during a Bootcamp. Our classrooms have Dual Processor Dell Power Edge Servers with 1GB RAM and Ultra SCSI III 160 HDD in each and Flat Panel displays. We do not train on laptops or notebook computers. OUR STUDENTS NEVER HAVE TO SHARE MACHINES WITH OTHER STUDENTS. We also provide comfortable highback leather reclining chairs for our students comfort and ample desk space for taking lecture notes.


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