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Thank you for visiting the Nexus Worldwide Computer Training website. As you may have already learned from our testimonials, Nexus provides more than certifications; we improve careers, enhance business productivity, and secure network infrastructures. More importantly, Nexus builds relationships. The continued success of Nexus is based on our students' success and trust.

Prior to starting Nexus, I contracted for some of the largest IT training companies in the world. In 1997, I began to see a shift in the focus of the business. It was no longer on the quality of training, but on the quantity of students being trained. Students were becoming numbers, and the corporate mantras were seen as "Get 'em in, Get 'em certified and Get em out". As a result I began to see training companies that removed the instructors' ability to ensure the level of quality training that students deserved and not giving the instructors the tools they needed. Ultimately customer service suffered. Although many of my colleagues and I tried to get things changed, the "cash cow" was too busy being "milked" to make any changes; consequently, I founded Nexus as a company that would offer a different approach to combining customer service and training.

The business of Information Technology training has changed unquestionably more than any other service related industry over the last five years. Technology enhancements over this period have provided students with a multitude of choices for training including distance or e-learning and video based training. Although many companies have chosen to offer these additional training methods, we at Nexus have never wavered in our belief on the importance of instructor led training.

In fact, our approach to training and service is what makes Nexus unique. Nexus employs individuals who can align themselves with a single common goal to ensure our students receive the best possible training. While this goal may seem simple, it extends beyond the classroom. From your first contact with us, you should have seen that Nexus is not a high-pressured sales company. From your first day of class, you will see first-hand how Nexus exceeds any customer service level you would expect.

Nexus provides a training atmosphere unlikely to be duplicated. Our belief in the importance of quality above quantity is what separates Nexus into its own classification. Employees of Nexus share an unrivaled focus on customer service and a belief that certification should be the result of education and not memorization.

Although this industry will no doubt be faced with more changes, our core values will never waiver. Quality of training will always prevail against the quantity of students. Students come first, and our instructors are always provided the tools necessary to be able to give our students an unparalleled learning environment.

John C. "Clay" Leitzke
Nexus Worldwide Computer Training


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