Client Testimonials

"...Nexus Worldwide Computer Training instruction and presentation were by far the best I have seen in my 10 years in network security... [Their] up-to-date methods and information are on the cutting edge of the computer security trade."
John T. DeMonic
Security Network Engineer
Titan Corporation
"From the quality of instruction, the depth of study and the after hours that were provided to us for our success in your class; there is only one word to describe it; unparalleled. What is even more amazing, is that, you delivered this at a price below any of your competition. In all of my associations with other similar businesses, never, have I experienced this type of treatment and sense of fair play."
Anthony A. Saba
Saba Enterprises
"Hosting thousands of ASP web applications on dozens of Windows 2000 servers, advanced training is critical to our core business success. Our technical services division relies on Nexus Worldwide Computer Training to certify all of our Microsoft Certified Professionals."
David Kopacz
Chief Technology Officer
"Nexus Worldwide Computer Training was my life raft in an ocean filled with computer training sharks."
Jeffery C. Higgins
Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation
Missoula, MT
"It is a rarity in business today that what we are offered and what we get is the same thing. I am pleased to say that Nexus is the exception to the rule as there were no surprises, no excuses, just expert teaching and training. I passed all the MCSE exams on the first try. The years of experience they have were obvious as soon as we started. The instructor didn't even need to look at a book for help in answering questions during the entire class. I would recommend Nexus to anyone in the computer industry. Nexus is above anything else I have seen."
Steven Goff
"To talk about service is one thing, but to deliver is another. As far as I'm concerned, Nexus Worldwide Computer Training wrote the definition."
Steve Rozier
Director of Information Services
Hagadone Hospitality
"Your facilities were first rate, and your staff was extremely competent and helpful. I would not hesitate to recommend your services to others."
Jim Malpass
MCSD/Corporate Database Developer
Veterans Health Agency
"I have participated in numerous training classes employing a wide variety of training methods. They have ranged from at-home self-study, to CD-interactive, to instructor-led courses to the bootcamp format... I have just completed a 14-day bootcamp-based training scenario at Nexus Worldwide Computer Training. I found the instructor to be extremely knowledgeable in both book and real-life scenarios. The equipment was in perfect working order. The facilities and accommodations were also first rate... Financially, selecting NWCT was by far the best choice. I would whole-heartedly recommend using NWCT for individual or group training, both on and off site in the future."
Jerry Foley
Technical Services Manager
I found Nexus Worldwide Computer Training to be an ideal environment for intense absorption of the knowledge I needed to become MCSE 2000 certified. Their staff was very dedicated to providing the resources and training required to enable success in attaining certification. I highly recommend Nexus Worldwide Computer Training.
Darrin Bivens
Intel Corporation
"I have worked in the IT field off and on for the last 20 years. During that time I have attended a lot of training programs. The training I received from Nexus ranks right at the top of the list. Great experience; and, I actually learned something while getting my MCSA and MCSE. "
Charles W. Primmer
Training Development Specialist
Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC)
"In all of my years of training, NEXUS Worldwide Computer Training has provided the BEST. Their unequaled customer service and the dedication from the entire staff to ensure you have the knowledge and the ability to perform your job is outstanding. I have and would recommend their company to anyone looking for computer training and/or certifications."
Steve Biller
Senior Systems Administrator
United States Property and Fiscal Office for Colorado
"You LEARN the material, not just taught the tests. When you walk away from Nexus, you walk away KNOWING you are an MCSE, not just someone who has passed the tests. The instructors and staff are the best, the facilities outstanding (both in and out of the classroom). Their training, lecture and hands-on labs are thorough. There is nothing more that I could ask from a training company."
Rick Gregory
Systems and Network Manager
North Country Media Group
"As an IT Manager, I am beyond pleased with the training services my Marines and I have received from (Nexus Worldwide Computer Training). As a Resource Manager, I have zero reservations that I received more than my money's worth."
Major Stephen S. Crow
Head, Information Technology Bra
Marine Corps Reserve Support Command
"I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Nexus Worldwide. I was a refreshing change of pace from the many schools which teach the test rather than the content. The instructors made the material easy to understand and even fun to learn. After leaving I felt that I absorbed enough information to begin to immediately implement the concepts learned in class. During my stay the friendly staff fulfilled my every want and need."
Richard Kronengold
Seton Hall University
"Nexus Worldwide Computer Training ROCKS! I left this training being a more valuable asset to the contract I'm currently working. Training was in-depth and hands-on. Highly recommended."
Frank Hiatt
Titan Systems
"I have attended many IT bootcamps put on by a number of different providers. However, after attending a Nexus Bootcamp I realized the difference between Nexus and the others. At Nexus I not only achieved numberous certifications, but also learned the information to stand behind my certifications. I found the instructors at Nexus to be extremely knowledgeable as well as excellent teachers. Upon completion of the courses I have felt very confident in my abilities to use the skills and knowledge I was taught while at Nexus. The customer service Nexus provides is impeccable. From breakfast to dinners to the hotel, everything was taken care of by the Nexus team. I have and will continue to count on Nexus for my IT training needs."
Kevin Hogan
Baker Communications
"I am probably the most critical person in my...(family, company, etc) when it comes to service. That being said, my expectations for a big-ticket service item like Microsoft Training at Nexus Worldwide was very high. From Day 1, it was evident that I could relax and focus on the material knowing that all service-related issues were being expertly handled by the staff at Nexus. Apart from the peerless service, the training iteslf was expert and handled with great care for each individual's learning pace. I actually enjoyed the "torture"! Remember, this is not summer camp, THIS IS BOOTCAMP!"
Rob Hilberg
MCSE/MCSA 2000/2003
Center Points, Inc.
"Having been a Microsoft employee for many years, I have seen my share of training. I have seen the typical trainers that do little more than read the topic headings from each chapter and assign labs that do nothing more waste time. Prior to attending the MCSE Bootcamp at Nexus, I thought the training would not offer much more than other training I had attended. Nexus was far from typical. Every minute of the training day was accounted for with lecture and practical labs. The instructor did not use a book at any time, and the labs were not just geared for passing the exams, but more for job related functions. I would not hesitate to say that Nexus was the best training I have been to. The course is well thought out and teaches the knowledge behind the certification, not just exams. Nexus truly does teach Education beyond Certification."
Dirk Mills
Product Support Services
Microsoft Corporation, Redmond, WA
"The instructors' knowledge of the material is top notch and, like any good IT person, for the rare question they don't have an answer for, they know how to find the answer very quickly. The instructors also do their best to make the environment fun and entertaining. This is hugely important when you are moving at such a quick pace and so much material is covered. The attitude and entertaining nature of the instructors makes the intensity of the courses bearable and actually quite enjoyable. I learned so much during my bootcamp experience. Our organization has been very happy with Nexus Worldwide and has sent dozens of employees over the last 4 years for our training needs."
Troy Bivens
Network Engineer III
County of San Luis Obispo, Information Technology Department
"I have taken three courses with Nexus Worldwide and plan to take more. The MCSE Bootcamp taught me much more than just how to take the tests; it taught me how to apply what I had learned to 'real world' situations that I see every day. The Certified Ethical Hacker and Computer Hacking Forensics Investigator courses are an absolute must for an IT security professional and were superbly taught by the knowledgeable instructor at Nexus. I've taken courses with other companies in the past, but the fantastic customer service, unbeatable prices, and most importantly, the quality of instruction will have be coming back to Nexus again and again."
Jason Staroscik
DEFS IT Security Analyst
Duke Energy
"Nexus Worldwide training has been by far the Best training I have attended. They show you how to do the work, passing the tests is just a bonus. Unlike many other training companies that I have attended, after leaving the two weeks of training I felt I could and did go back (to work) and do the job that I needed to do. Absolutely the best of the best for training."
Mark Morgan
IT Operations Manager
Washington State Department of Health


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